Our Team


Tom Mattix and Quinn Myers have 30+ years of combined San Diego Real Estate Experience. It is their goal to direct their expertise toward the advantage of their clients as they buy and sell Real Estate across the United States, but most often in San Diego, California.


Quinn Myers


Tom Mattix


Our Goal, Mission, and Vision Stem from 2 words: Clients First!

It is by this compass heading that our ship steers across all areas of our business. We want our clients to be successful, and to be able to realize their Real Estate dreams. And the more time, dedication, education, consideration, and energy we devote to our clients, the better off they will be. Our clients love us because we treat them as we would our family, and we give them our absolute honest opinions and expert insight. When we do our job at the highest level, our clients are able to make the absolute best decisions!


Other Team Members: